Pie World

This was my entry for the Plans Gone Wrong contest over there at deviantArt. They gave us stock images we had to use: one pie, one panda and one light bulb. Obviously I was inspired by Terry Pratchetts disc world 🙂 This was so much fun!

The Story behind the picture:
Pie World: Plans gone wrong

In the deepest deeps of the galaxy there was a strange world, flat as a pie, resting on the back of a giant panda, lighted by a Great Light Bulb: Pie World. Its mountains looked like pie topping, its edges were covered by giant waterfalls and its continents were the home of the people of Pie World. There was a prophecy that one day the light would fade and lead to the end of the world. But the prediction had fallen into oblivion…

Plans Gone Wrong
Pie World was wrapped in Darkness. The warm light from the Great Light Bulb that had been glowing for aeons was now getting dimmer and dimmer. Pie World was dying.

The Council of Elders decided to send a specialist who should fix whatever was broken and bring back the light. They chose Gem, a young girl who was the best mechanic Pie World had ever seen. She was a great talent who could fix everything, even if she had never seen it before.

Gem went on the dangerous mission to save her world. She climbed the giant ladder built by the ancestors. It hadn´t been in use for centuries. When she got closer to the Great Light Bulb, Gem saw the small meteor stuck in the bulb. It had broken the glass and it was the reason why the light got dimmer and dimmer.

„I can fix it“, Gem thought. She hurried up to reach the broken light bulb as fast as she could.

And then it happened. Gem felt a vibration rocking the ladder. She screamed, she lost grip and as the ladder broke she had that heartbreaking certainty that the plans to save her world had gone terribly wrong…

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