Justitia had a really bad day (c) Esther Wagner

We all have really bad days from time to time – even Lady Justice.

Sometimes I think justice has completely gone nuts. Maybe she´s had not enough sleep, or she´s suffering from pms or she´s simply pissed off to death 🙂 That´s the idea behind this one.

This is #20 for the 50 Themes Challenge: „Two Guns“.

I used one of these stock photo as a pose reference: http://browse.deviantart.com/art/Female-Gun-Pack-2-Pose-Reference-341029578
The doves and crows are based on stock by http://momotte2stocks.deviantart.com, http://valantisdigitalart.deviantart.com , http://frank-1956.deviantart.com and http://angeltouch1.deviantart.com
The texture is from lostandtaken.com.