Jedi vs. Sith (Star Wars - The Force Awakens) by Esther Wagner

The Force Awakens – and so does my inner Star Wars fangirl ^^ Star Wars will always be one of my favorite fandoms, so the teaser for Episode VII got me quite excited. I can´t wait a f…ing year now!!!

The best scene in the trailer was the Sith with that absurdly cool crossguard lightsaber 🙂 It doesn´t matter how much sense it makes – but it definitely has style! So I had to make a fanart for it. I always wanted to paint a lightsaber fight! First I wanted to make a speed painting, but I got carried away with the details. It´s still quite rough though, but I think it fits the atmosphere.

This is also a new artwork for my 50 Themes Challenge.

Theme: #7 – War
Title: Sith vs. Jedi
Subject: A lightsaber fight (Heck, yeah! There´s no better fight than a decent sword fight 😉 )

Obviously I used a screencap from the new Star Wars trailer as a reference for the Sith and the setting. For the Jedi I used a screencap from another gorgeous trailer: The Rurouni Kenshin live action sequels, Kyoto Inferno / The Legend Ends. (DVD release with German or English subs, please!!)

You can also find this artwork on DeviantArt

WIP (click to see animation)

Jedi vs. Sith - WIP